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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 7, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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neighbor's outbuilding also teetering over the water. a look at your wednesday weather. more snow in the great lakes region. several inches before it tapers off. snow also letting up in the northeast. cold in the great plains with temperatures 30 degrees below normal. look for windchills 40 degrees below zero or worse. >> the high in minneapolis, minus 4. high in chicago, 0. 6 in kansas city. goodness gracious. 20s in the northeast. 30s in dallas and atlanta. 70s in los angeles, phoenix and miami. the new jersey high school football program that was brought to a halt because of a hazing scandal last fall is coming back. the program at sayreville new jersey high school was shut down after seven were charged with hazing and sexual assault in the locker room. the school superintendent said the program will be back for the 2015 season. the head coach still suspended amid the investigation. for the first time since 1955, four major leaguers have
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been elected to the hall of fame. randy johnson struck out nearly 4900 batters in his career. then pedro martinez. cy young awards. helped the red sox in their long world series drought. john smoltz went from starter to reliever with the braves. joined by craig biggio the first ever member of the houston astros to be elected. all of them will be enshrined this summer. plenty of folks around here love coffee. here some are facts that will help you enjoy your java a bit more. the best time to drink your coffee late in the morning and through the afternoon. that's when our cortisol levels are at their lowest. alsoior coffee tastes better at 136 degrees. not too hot, not too cold. just right. >> people might not believe neither one of us are coffee drinkers. >> wait. speak for yourself. >> you don't ever drink coffee up here. >> i drink green tea.
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>> i've been here with you for three months and you drink coffee during the show? >> i drink it as soon as i get up in the morning because i get up in the afternoon and then one shot before the show usually. >> i thought i was crazy here. i pride myself on paying attention to you and every little detail reena. >> no no you are crazy. >> all right. all right. well, let the craziness continue here. happy to give props this morning to a small pizza joint in center city philadelphia where they are paying it forward. >> the walls of rosa's pizzeria are lined with people who paid for a slice of pizza and bought another one for someone else. the slices are just $1 each. a lot of people buy a slice for homeless people who are also welcomed in there. for some it's the only thing they get to eat every day. this is fantast ic. >> the guy who owns this is mason wartman. he left his finance job in new york city and moved back fo his
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native philadelphia to launch this pizzeria place for $1 because he saw how successful it was in new york city. >> this is great. i commend them for doing this. i love stories like this. >> i didn't know you could get pizza for $1 here. losing weight in the new year. find out which diiets are easiest to follow over the long run. >> who put the pizza story after the diet story? also stand-out gadgets at this year's consumer electronic show. how about a drone that will take some elaborate selfies. and adventurous climbing. el capitan. their daring ascent and attempt to climb myself. not el capitan, though folks. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol toilet bowl cleaner. he places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this
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headlines, an unexpected demographic is increasingly dying from alcohol poisoning. six americans die every day from alcohol poisoning but three-quarters of those deaths are adults age 35 to 64. most of those men. most of those deaths are from binge drinking not alcoholism. those of you troog to slim down in the new year there have never been more diet choices. >> u.s. news and world report has just announced their report. here now abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: when it comes to diets, who is winning the battle of the bulge? u.s. news and world report evaluated 41 plans. coming up with what it considers the best diets of 2015. >> we deliver the facts on whether diets are good for weight loss or whether they'll help prevent and manage dooibs. same for heart disease. >> reporter: when it comes to dropping pounds u.s. news gave top honors to raning champ weight watchers which uses a
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point system for all foods. number two for weight loss a brand new diet. health management resources, a food delivery system. the easiest plans to follow? weight watchers once again followed by jenny craig and the mediterranean diet focusing on fruits, veggies and fish. the top diet overall for the fifth year in a row, the dash diet all about portion control and balancing protein and carbs. >> when talking about what makes a good diet it needs three things. safe simple and sustainable. >> reporter: one list to help you lose. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. coming up a couple of daredevils are kicking off 2015 off a mountainside. >> right now at this hour there are two men clinging for their lives to a cliff 3,000 feet over yosemite national park. their story and a climb --
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another climb to show you. >> so good. can't wait to see this. >> 3,000 feet? no about ten on this one. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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tt2wút3nú14" bt@qfáh tt2wút3nú14" "a@qv&, tt2wút3nú14" bm@q]- tt4wút3nú14"" dztq nsl tt4wút3nú14"" entq >w, tt4wút3nú14"" gzt& 'pt tt4wút3nú14"" hnt& 7í8 tt4wút3nú14"" iztq ]7@ tt4wút3nú14"" jntq og tt4wút3nú14"" lzt& wáé you're going to love it. >> i know i will. we're excited about this part
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with t.j. coming up. mountain climbers by their very nature are risk takers adrenaline junkies. >> wait until you meet these two guys an a record-breaking mission to scale a cliff thousands of miles -- thousands of feet above yosemite national park. we are now "up all nightline." it's being called the climb of the century. on a sheer rock cliff, 3,000 feet above yosemite park, professional climbers are attempting to do what no climber has done before. free climb one of the toughest routes on earth using only their hands and feet to grasp and hoist themselves across dangerous terrain. jorgensen and caldwell are attempting to be the first free climbers to conquer el capitan. the journey could take weeks. >> it's getting pretty rowdy.
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>> reporter: their only shelter, these makeshift tents only seven feet long bolted and suspended from vertical rock. >> getting tossed around like a rag doll. >> i'm on what's called a portal ledge secured to this wall. they are using one of these secured to a flat surface. they are having to sleep on one of these for weeks possibly having to make an impossible climb. i have holes here to try to climb the wall. all they have is a flat surface and all they are using is their hands and feet. still danger is an absolute constant climbing a wall that's completely vertical. and the weather can quickly turn brutal. >> really cold. i think a lot of ice built up. usually little chunks that come down. they'll bounce off of you relatively harmlessly. yesterday there was some definite big hunks that went
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flying by. >> reporter: the near freezing temperatures are ideal for gripping the mountain but the climbers' hands are taiking a beating. they sand them to remove dead skin and apply lotion several times a day. >> we're taking a rift day today because our skin took a beating. >> i have to tape two of those three fingers which definitely makes it hard to feel what you're hanging on to. i gave it four all-out effort ss. >> reporter: while many of us are questioning why someone would want to go through a climb like this, rebecca caldwell says for her husband it's about a lot more than the thrill of the ride. >> it's about focus and it's about being precise and it's about, you know, thinking through things. it's really mentally challenging and physically challenging and all of those things together. it's taken a lot of time for tommy and kevin to prepare for this and get everything to align and be performing at peak level
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in all of those areas to accomplish this. >> she really put that into perspective. why do it? >> it's mental. it's so -- you get up there and you say, i can't go anywhere. they are living on the side of a piece of granite rock as we speak right now and getting beat up. they could if all goes well complete this by the end of this weekend. climbers in the community say this is the biggest thing to happen in climbing in decades. the finger thing there -- see, this is nothing. >> yesterday's show here you were very nervous between commercial break about doing this for gma this morning. that looks pretty scary. >> you just have to get comfortable and trust where your foot is going. i have a harness. they have harnesses on as well. all they are using is a rope. they are falling a lot because all they are using are their hands and feet an a flat surface. what they are doing is almost impossible to believe. >> you called mama. >> i called mama.
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♪ it's that's time of year for the tech industry to give us the latest glimpse into the future. >> gadget geeks converging an the consumer electronics show are showing off the latest and greatest technology. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: if you can't get enough pictures of yourself you aren't going to believe this. >> imagine a camera that goes
2:56 am
past your arm's reach. >> reporter: a selfie drone that you wear on your wrist, take off and throw looik a boomerang for that impossible action shot. nixy is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who invented it in just six days. they've within a $500,000 prize from intel and are the talk of the tech world. wearable technology is growing into every area imaginable. beltie is a belt with a motor that tightens and loosens as you eat. >> is this to alert people they are putting on too much weight or mack their life easier? >> reporter: ring is a remote control built into a single finger. just gesture in the air to control tv and music. or even the lights. >> let's see if i can turn up the lamp. than 3600 products from top of the line self-driving cars to a pacifier that takes your baby's temperature. even a smarter coffee pot that knows if you didn't sleep well
2:57 am
and makes a stronger cup. we tried a motorized roller skate. the brain child of a french inventor who wants to bring those moving sidewalks at the airport directly to your feet. >> i'm never walking again. at ces, the future is now. neal karlinsky, abc news las vegas. >> skates look pretty cool. >> would you go up and down the street in thoes things? >> oh, yeah. i'd show up to the bureau here. newsroom. go up and down. >> the coffee pot you seem to be interested in. >> yeah. >> i've never been to that show but i've always wanted to go. i'm always -- i just want to see the latest and greatest tv. >> it's running through april 9th. you still have a couple of days? >> april 9th? >> i think -- >> sorry, january.
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this morning on "world news now" -- breaking news. divers just made a major discovery in the search for the missing airasia jet. will it help investigators solve the mystery of the doomed flight. unprecedented cold. wind chills dropping again into the danger zone. an arctic freeze far from over. many schools are closing and roads are downright dangerous. >> just go slow and put it in four-wheel drive. >> the polar plunge hiting much of the country and predictions from accuweather. keeping your resolutions for aye new year using a high-tech tool to zap you when you stray. >> there's a real power in using a little bit of fine help you break your bad habits. >> is it safe to rely an pain to exercise and lose weight? see for yourself on this wednesday, january 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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hey. happy hump day to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. thanks for spending some time with us. >> we're going to begin with breaking news in the search for of the airasia crash. officials have confirmed the tail section of the aircraft has been found. >> this is a crucial discovery since the black box, flight data recovery are located in the tail. divers spotted the wreckage and were able to get a photograph. it's the first confirmed sighting of wreckage in the 11 days since the plane went don with 162 on board. so far 40 bodies have been recovered. of course stay with us at abc news as we get more developments from indonesia. look for updates all morning long and an our other major story, the latest blast of brutal arctic air putting a freeze on more than half the country. >> some of the snow moves out and shutting down schools forcing children -- they look happy there -- but they're having to stay home in chicago,
3:02 am
minneapolis and a lot of other places in between as well as across the dakotas. we get more from marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the first major snowfall of the year wreaking havoc on roads from the midwest to the east coast. >> the worst part i think, is probably driving in it with other people worrying about who is going to be hitting who or you know sliding into who. >> reporter: school buses sliding off streets in washts d.c. this fire truck slamming into a house in delaware. and as many as 20 cars piling up on this minnesota highway. >> just go slow and put it in four-wheel drive. >> reporter: the weight of the snow in north idaho tipping house boats. >> she ran out of the house in her pajamas saying we're getting out of here. >> reporter: from the beach to the brutal lake effect conditions in fulton new york where they are digging out from more than two feet of snow. in chicago. flight cancellations.
3:03 am
>> pretty powdery snow. >> tomorrow might stay home from work. >> reporter: that's because the temperatures are expected to drop bringing dangerous cold to the northern plains and western great lakes with windchill readings could drop to 50 degrees below zero. >> and it's not just there. about two-thirds of the country will feel a big drop in temperatures today. even in parts of florida it will fall below freezing. t.j. and reena? >> thank you marci. the size of this arctic air mass is enormous. >> let's get the latest from accuweather's justin povick. good morning. >> thank you reena and t.j. cold continues throughout the northeast. i'm going to use the word frigid depict the weather over the course of the next couple of days. gusty winds and snow showers and snow bursts. going to be travel delays from buffalo toward the i-95 corridor. much of wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening.
3:04 am
and it's cold down south as well. we have snow all the way down to the smokeys and blue ridge with chilly conditions into central florida. reena and t.j. back to you. six sky divers in new zealand got morthan a bargained for. they all managed to parachute to safety just moments before the aircraft plunged into a lake. several people had to be fished out of the water but no serious juries to report. the fbi is looking for a motive behind a deadly shooting at an army clinic in texas. a man opened fire inside the clinic at ft. bliss killing one person. the shooter also died but they haven't confirmed reports that he killed himself or that the victim was a doctor. >> we have hundreds of potential witnesses, and we are processing those right now. those people were here seeking medical assistance. we're trying to get through those hundreds of witnesses to find out details about this incident. >> the clinic came rnd scrutiny
3:05 am
last year as the v.a. scandal erupted. a federal audit showed it had some of the country's longest wait times for veterans trying to see a doctor. we're learning more about the princeton graduate now charged with killing his father a hedge fund manager in new york. he's in debt unemployed has a history of mental illness and is of arson. >> reporter: 30-year-old thomas gilbert jr. is being held without bail after police say he shot his 70-year-old father in the head sunday afternoon inside this manhattan apartment. >> i'm still in shock. >> reporter: anna rothschild says she recently dated gilbert jr. >> how did he describe his relationship with his father? >> his father was never happy with anything he did. nothing us ever good enough. >> reporter: gilbert jr. was in debt and unemployed. his mother said he had a history of mental illness. his investor father recently
3:06 am
discussed no longer paying his son's rent and planned to cut his weekly allowance by $100 reducing it to $300. police have also charged him with 21 counts of criminal possession of forgery devices. inside gilbert jr.'s manhattan apartment they found 21 blank credit cards and a skimming device used to capture credit card information. in addition to an arrest for drug charges, gilbert jr. was arrested this past saepts for violating an order of protection filed by a former friend. he plead nguilty. three days earlier that friend's family home in the hamptons on long island new york was ingulfed in flames. investigators believe it was arson and gilbert jr. is said to be the prime suspect. linsey davis, abc news new york. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to report to prison early next month. he was sentenced yesterday to serve two years following a corruption conviction outside the courthouse mcdonnell
3:07 am
apologized for his mistakes but said he did not violate his oeths of office. he insists he will clear his name. president obama hits the road to outline his priorities for the next two years. he travels to detroit to talk about the resurgent american auto industry. president obama will visit a ford plant which is closed this week due to lagging demand for small cars. that's manly because of the low gas prices. the president would veto the proposed keystone pipeline if passed an. >> caller: -- capitol hill. new members of congress were sworn in by vice president biden. among those, senator joanie ernst who rose to political fame by talking about castrating hogs in some of her campaign ads. as a welcoming gift senator ernst was given a hog castration device on a plaque reading make
3:08 am
them squeal joni. going to be a great congress. >> looking forward to it. a belated happy 70th wedding anniversary to george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. bush 41 taking to twitter yesterday saying 71 years ago barbara made me the happiest man on earth. they've been married longer than any other first couple in the country. >> 70 years. >> 70 years. >> that's impressive. >> jan adams and abigail adams were married for 54 years. they surpassed that. >> 70 years? >> yeah. >> and barbara bush likes to tell the story that she married the first person she kissed. that story makes my -- members of my family want to vomit. she says it makes them -- yeah but -- >> what number were you on by the time you got to the one you married. how many did you have to kiss?
3:09 am
>> i'm just like barbara bush. >> okay. moving on we'll turn to mardi gras where a bunch of hooking up is going to be going on. the traditional brass band an event held at a warehouse where some of the mardi gras floats are being housed. >> they'll roll through the streets of the big easy. another big part of mardi gras is the cakes. >> plenty of purple yellow and green sprinkles. the season wraps up on fat tuesday itself february 17th of this year. this is -- people forget this is a religious observance here mardi gras. doesn't seem like a whole lot of religion. i've never been mardi gras. >> never? sound like a t.j. event. i'd think you'd be at mardi gras every day. >> just go to vegas any day of the year and we're coming up in "the mix" why a couple from canada wanted to
3:10 am
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well it looked like sony had been given a lemon, but they've turned it into lemonade. "the interview," the movie we thought we might never seen? it's made more than $31 million from online and on demand release in the 12 days sentence sentence its release. sony's ceo has spoeken out publicly for the first time saying he's proud of his employees for standing up to the extortionist efforts of criminals. the dow jones industrials aren't doing as well. the dow fell 130 points yesterday adding the 331 points it dropped monday. still well over 17,000. yesterday's drop less than 1%. however, it's the price of oil causing more concern. crude dropped another $2 to close just below $48 a barrel. its lowest level in nearly six years amid worries that global economy may be slowing. for the house dlshold budget it seems saving for many american families has never been
3:15 am
harder. >> while building that retirement fund may seem daunting there are tips for saving in small bites at a time. rebecca jarvis has tips an how to painlessly save 1,000 bucks. >> reporter: baby anthony not only gets most of his parents attention and love he's also getting all of their money. >> anything i get, i put toward the baby. >> reporter: which means they haven't been saving much for their future. >> have you thought about your own retirement savings? >> not at all. we brought in personal finance expert lauren young. >> hi. >> reporter: her first tip -- start small. apps like acorns automatically round up your debit or credit card purchases and bank the change in a savings account. spend 1.fist$1.50 on coffee and it will deposit 50 cents into a savings account.
3:16 am
watch as we put it to the test. in just one shopping trip she's added $3 to retirement savings without ever giving it a second thought. tip two, turn your phone into a financial adviser. apps like betterment and wealthfront can help you invest your money in low fee funds. >> 15 years from now looking at some serious money. >> that would be good. >> reporter: start early. at a 7% growth rate if they invest $1,000 a year they'll have saved nearly $215,000 by the time they are 65. that nest egg growing as fast as baby anthony. historically if you put your money in an s&p 500 index fund let's say, over twint years you'll get an average return of 7% a year. start early. those baby steps will get you even farther in retirement because of compounding. rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> don't put baby first.
3:17 am
that's part of the advice. you have a tendency. they have to put aside for their college first. it's a bad thing to do because you can borie for a child's education buwhen education, but when you get to retirement you can't borrow for that. >> you know daddy warbuc dltwarbucks. all about financial planning. >> your baby steps led to you rolling in the dough. >> that's was a good year for me. >> the year has just begun. oh man. coming up -- >> a new strategy for sticking to your new year's resolutions. it's a device that delivers an electric shock to your body every time you do something wrong. i like this. and also ahead in our next half hour -- brand new kind of travel nightmare. waiting hours not for your flight but for your luggage. the outrage and blame game. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:18 am
continues after this from our abc
3:19 am
okay. we'll get to that in a minute. >> barely a week into the new year and already so many of us are having trouble sticking to our new year's resolutions. >> did you make some? >> i thought you were trying to be a more loving person. >> not working? i try so hard. >> this device might help you. >> a new piece of jewelry that zaps you every time you slip up and fall back on some of our old habits. abc's kendis gibson explains this. >> reporter: a lot of people kick off the new year withny resolutions. that for some of us might come to a screeching halt. but now a shocking new idea. >> reward yourself when you complete your daily goal. commit to a penalty if you fail.
3:20 am
>> reporter: it's called the pavlok wrist band. an electronic bracelet with one primary job to send an electrical shock to your body every time you find yourself doing something wrong. >> there's a real power in using pain to help you break your bad habits. >> reporter: watch as it's tested out. >> that kind of hurt. >> reporter: the device is designed to give yourself a shock any time you give in to temptation. but other pim can also use an app to send you a jolt to keep you in line if they catch you misbehaving. you can program it to shock you if you don't stick to your healthy plan. it's not the sort of shocking pain a taser delivers or the jolt your pet gets from its dog collar but 350 volts isn't nothing. the first time is always the worst. feels kind of like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the
3:21 am
carpet. >> reporter: the internet packed with testimonials from those who used the pavlok to quit biting their nails, eat less and stop smoking. >> reporter: while some experts say the device is likely safe it's not a science. >> devices like this don't really work unless these are locked on to people's wrists they're going to take them off. >> reporter: some psychologists say it may work as a temporary fex for ill-fated resolutions. kendis gibson abc news new york. >> fantastic. we have to get one. i'll operate it. you wear it. >> i have the ability to zap you? you have the ability to zap me? >> when you say unkind things to me. >> we have got to get these. >> and whenever i mispronounce a sports player's name youan zap me. >> you'd be getting shocked for an hour and a half straight.
3:22 am
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♪ time for "the mix." a couple wins a free trip to hawaii. now they'll give it away. >> what? >> a couple from alberta announced they're going to give it away to the most loving person they can find. they're taking nominations. they have their own criteria. someone living loving caring, forgiving life. the couple they choose 10,000 nominations. you need to be from alberta, canada. so you can't get online there and submit even though you are living a loving care forgiving life. >> it's all based on my partnership here. gives me a lot of opportunities to love and forgive. >> this new year is working for us. >> that's a great cause. there's a concept called man spreading. >> i just learned about this. it's on the subway when men spread their legs very wide like
3:26 am
in the shape of a "v." it's not pretty. there's an actress who went on a campaign to stop this. that's like three people's seats. >> i've never seen this. i didn't know this was a thing. >> why would you sit like that? the mta in charge of the entire subway system has agreed to launch this campaign to ask people to stop spreading their legs so wide. it's being launched this month. they are putting up posters to remind people to stop spreading. this brings new meaning to the phrase mind the gap. >> you have to have a campaign to tell people don't spread your legs so wide. >> only in new york city. >> i really have never seen that. are they trying to keep you from sitting next to them or -- >> maybe they are mar territory. >> that's the stretch when you play basketball. stretchingior hammies out. let's go to this video.
3:27 am
a referee at a middle school game in washington. he's hard to make out. the brother is on the phone. a full minute he's engulfed in a conversation while the game is -- is that a middle school kid? look at that big kid. i got distracted there. this is funny video. very disrespectful to these kids who worked hard for this game and he's not even -- the '80s. remember the game simon with all the brightly colored lights? skechers has a new sneaker that's has that game on the sneaker. it costs you 65 bucks, and, there you go. you can play the game on your shoe. the bad news is it's only in kids' sizes. $65.
3:28 am
3:29 am
this morning on "world news
3:30 am
now" -- extreme conditions. today's dangerous windchills forcing tens of thousands of students to stay home. the dangerous and hazardous roads out there and the fierce arctic snap that's far from over. breaking news in indonesia in the search for the missing airasia jet. could investigators be a step closer to solving this mystery? what divers are discovering this morning. travel hassle. why some airline passengers are forced to wait several hours or longer for their luggage. the search for an explanation this morning. later in "the skinny," justin bieber bare. we're seeing so much more of the young singer thanks to an ad campaign. how does he compare to previous calvin klein models? it's wednesday, january 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all on this wednesday. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the extreme cold forcing millions of americans to bundle up.
3:31 am
my kids went and played in the snow yesterday and went back in the house because it was too cold. >> kids don't even want to be out there in the snow. >> it's everywhere across the country from the dakotas to new england and the deep south. >> arctic air plummeting to as much as 30 degrees below normal forcing hundreds of schools and schoolchildren, they get to stay home. chicago, minneapolis, the dakotas. temperatures expected to stay well below zero much of the day. >> the snow is finally tapering off along the east coast after making a mess of the rush hour in philadelphia and washington, d.c. here's more from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: this may be the worst. an interstate shut down in central indiana. so many accidents leading to an eight-mile backup. a horrible commute, too. pushing cars in illinois, in minnesota, medians and highway shoulders littered with stalled, spun out cars. >> go slow and put it in four-wheel drive. >> reporter: so slick a fire truck in delaware couldn't stop sliding into a house.
3:32 am
15-minute commutes turned into an hour or more which if you are looking at the white house makes for some good pictures. behind all this snow is arctic cold. >> my fingers are a little frozen after the first five minutes. >> reporter: already in chicago. they are using fire to warm up train tracks as people pile on layers. >> i'm just surviving. >> reporter: trouble in the west where heavy rains meant flood and mud slides. a cabin in washington state falling right into a raging river. but sliding on the roads is still the problem for many. how do you avoid those pile-ups? >> turn in. avoid the accident and then turn back and get yourself back into the lane. >> reporter: we went to a ford test track. when swerving, your hands follow your eyes. look where you want to go, not at that accident. and getting out of a spin? >> when the back end starts to slide, steer into the turn. >> reporter: yep, it's counterintuitive. i want to turn left but i'm spinning to the right. by turning to the right, i straighten the car and get traction. and traction could remain a problem with all this moisture
3:33 am
on the roadways and frigid temperatures over the next several days. david kerley, abc news, washington. some places, too cold for the salt to melt the ice off the roads. >> accuweather's justin povick has the latest on the windchills and snowfall. hey there, justin. good morning. >> reena and t.j., thanks. the cold continues throughout the northeast, and we have snow on the way for wednesday as well. down wind of the great lakes, bursts of heavy snow. white out conditions with six or more inches of snow in the areas highlighted in the bright white. further inland, an inch or two possible around pittsburgh and northern pennsylvania and southern new york state. the northwest is not concerned about snow. they had the shades out. not the shorts not quite that warm, but temperatures are warming up into the 50s around seattle and portland. the cold continues with shots of arctic air late week and into the upcoming weekend from the central plains in toward the northeast. reena and t.j., back to you.
3:34 am
>> thanks, justin. breaking developments and brand new images from indonesia. the first photos showing the submerged tail section of the airasia flight were just released. you can clearly see the letter "a" of the airline logo. divers finding the plane wreckage this morning. the discovery is crucial since the black boxes are in that section of the aircraft. they hope they'll contain vital information about why the plane crashed. we'll be following those new developments throughout the morning. hundreds of potential witnesses are being questioned after a deadly shooting at an army medical center in texas. the gunman and one other person died yesterday afternoon at the el paso veterans affairs at ft. bliss. investigators are not saying if the shooter was killed by police or turned the gun on himself. they haven't confirmed reports of whether the victim was a doctor. fbi investigators are looking for a man in connection with an explosion at an naacp chapter in colorado springs. the blast happened outside a
3:35 am
barber shop next door to the group the building. only minor damage. witnesses saw a white man in his 40s drive away from the scene. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is vowing to clear his name after being sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. he spoke just after that sentence was handed down. abc's josh haskell has more. >> reporter: once a star in the republican party and possible vice presidential candidate, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is headed to prison. >> i have failed at times, and some of the judgments that i have made during the course of my governorship. >> reporter: mcdonnell and his wife were found guilty in september of multiple counts of corruption. a jury ruled he accepted bribes of $177,000 while governor. those bribes in exchange for government favors for a wealthy businessman, johnny williams, ceo of a dietary supplement company. >> i hurt myself, my family and my beloved people of virginia. and for that, i am deeply, deeply sorry.
3:36 am
>> reporter: the money and gifts the couple accepted included a rolex and wedding catering for their daughter. mcdonnell said he'd appeal. he becomes the 12th u.s. governor to be convicted of corruption. >> this case from the outset was about dishonesty and corruption. no elected official is above the law. public corruption poses a significant threat to our security and our way of life. >> reporter: the former governor maintains he never betrayed his oath of office but will begin his two-year prison sentence february 9th. his wife maureen mcdonnell will be sentenced on february 20th. josh haskell, abc news, new york. a dallas woman is recovering after a shark attack in the bahamas. lacy webb martin was swimming with her husband when the shark took a bite out of her back and leg. she was severely wounded. she was airlifted to a florida hospital where she's expected to
3:37 am
spend at least three weeks. spacex called off a supply flight to the space station because of rocket trouble. it's another delay in the delivery of groceries and christmas gifts. it was halted just over a minute before launch when a steering mechanism malfunctioned. the earliest they could try again is this friday. provided the problem is resolved by then. another big money transportation project. california's bullet train is officially under way. construction of the first stretch of the high-speed rail line got started yesterday. it will link the central valley to burbank in just seven years. ultimately they'll be able to go from san francisco to l.a. in under three hours. governor jerry brown is a big fan, but republicans are not on board. >> california has made bold commitments to sustain our environment, help the neediest, and build for the future. >> i don't agree with high-speed rail. that money should be put into our local roads, particularly, that are suffering.
3:38 am
>> the train's top speed will be about 200 miles an hour. before anything else, though, 400 parcels of land for rails and stations will need to be purchased. >> the end of a long mystery. a heisman trophy honoring o.j. simpson has been found. the trophy was stolen from a building on the campus of usc during the summer of 1994, just weeks after simpson was charged with murder. this was a replica trophy for the school, not the one presented to simpson himself. police have now found this thing. they are in possession of it. but the investigation of just where it's been the past 20 years continues. new details in the billion-dollar divorce battle involving an oklahoma oil mogul. harold hamm offered his ex-wife a check for $974 million yesterday. she said thanks, but no thanks. a judge ordered him to pay close to a billion in cash and assets. both husband and wife are appealing that ruling. he says it's too much. she says it's not enough.
3:39 am
no comment? >> you want to move on? >> no. like -- she said the couple has been it married for 26 years. and that's not enough money. >> that sounds strange. laws are what they are, and anybody watching this right now would say, it's silly to say that's not enough, but laws say that you are married a certain amount of time and you build enough wealth or whatever it is together, and you deserve a certain split. she said that's not the right amount of the split. >> you know, being the wind beneath somebody's wings costs a lot more than what he's putting out there. >> some heck of wings. on a different note, wasn't all misery when it came to snow and chilly temperatures. a lot of fun to be had. >> here's an example from the national zoo in washington, d.c., yow bow -- young bow -- bow wow? i'm thinking of little bow wow.
3:40 am
>> this is not little bow wow. and he's not even little bow wow. he just changed his name. he has nothing to do with this story. that's bow bow, the young panda. >> young bow bow. >> the young threw you off. 16 months old. enjoying herself. the rest of the city where bow bow lives, not having a good time -- as much of a good time with this snow. it was the young part. >> young young. >> young bow bow. we've got "the skinny" coming up. i can't wait to see how reena pronounces some of those. >> really? what do we have coming up. >> a new movie, charlie brown, the peanuts gang. a sneak peek. and all the anticipion as the oldest time capsule in america is opened up. it's a moment 220 years in the making. you're watching "world news now." all those young bow wows. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by dawn ultra.
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it happens to a lot of us out there. don't you hate this. you are flying somewhere, get to your destination and turns out your luggage is gone. >> it's happened. >> it's happened to you? >> i'll explain after this story. it's an apparently increasing problem at one airline in particular. passengers forced to wait hours after they've landed for their luggage. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: for some united passengers at denver's airport, the wait for baggage longer than the flight to get here.
3:45 am
>> it's been 24 hours. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the airline points the finger at a new contractor hired last month to handle bags for roughly 250 regional flights serving dozens of cities. but problems are plaguing and even delaying some longer flights, too. patty and rob price came in from the east coast with a toddler and a baby. two hours after landing, one car seat was still missing. >> they don't have it in the system so we've got our fingers crossed. >> kids are losing it. >> reporter: some united employees aren't happy either. >> i'm trying to do a job here, and you're -- >> we're trying to help the customers. >> reporter: united admits problems with the contractor are challenging and says delays are unacceptable. the contractor simplicity ground blames the trouble on the holiday travel crush and severe weather. over the last ten years, thanks to new technology, airlines are actually doing a better job handling luggage. problems down 12%.
3:46 am
the prices are finally on their way, but still without that car seat. united gave them a loaner. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> i didn't know they'd give out loaners. >> that's nice. >> i was flying from new york to jerusalem, and my editor asked me to bring an editing bay in my suitcase. i purchased one and put it in, and it didn't show up in jerusalem. >> did it ever show up? >> no. >> no idea. and i think i know now. >> that's not what happened to it. >> who might have taken it? >> this is a tough job they have out there trying to keep up with all that stuff. >> i wish you didn't feel the need to have sticky fingers. >> now it's not that i'm incompetent, i'm a thief. okay. >> certainly my suitcase. coming up -- a new honor for justin bieber. crowned the nation's newest celebrity underwear model. also guess w which celebrity got engaged and married on the same day. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.tt2wútkf@@t% bt@q)i4
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3:48 am
tt2wútkf@@t% "a@q9ep tt2wútkf@@t% bm@q2né tt4wútkf@@t%" dztq 084 tt4wútkf@@t%" entq @
3:49 am
these were released yesterday. >> does his mama know he's got that many tattoos. >> is he 21 yet? >> is he? he's 20 now, yeah. >> his mama knows now. >> the biebs has already posted shots to his facebook page writing it begins. the feature is #my-calvins. >> he's not the first one. it's an elite group here. marky mark started this thing off. >> absolutely. actor mark wahlberg causing quite a stir during his marky mark days in the 1990s. or there was also even antonio sabato jr. >> he just did the "dancing with the stars." and the guy from "twilight." kellan lutz has also been a part of it. who is, out of the group, if you had to vote, rank those four. >> i'd put them all at number one. >> come on. don't be so diplomatic. >> they all look great. what's to complain about. >> no complaints. >> the same physique as you. i think you would do well there, too. >> i don't wear calvins, though. >> oh.
3:50 am
>> don't ask. good job, reena. >> some journalistic integrity. i was trying to protect you on that one. >> you resisted the urge. >> i did. >> good job. i'm growing up on this show. another mega celebrity making news for getting engaged and married on the same day. >> the rapper isn't offering an explanation behind the surprise ceremony. here he is an instagram showing a photo of his longtime girlfriend and now wife, that's ludacris. >> the wedding was small and only family and close friends in attendance. big congratulations to the happy couple. the happy couple there, this will bring happiness. 303 days until the latest and greatest -- we've got the "peanuts" movie coming. >> fox has unveiled the newest trailer for the film features snoopy and woodstock and the world war ii flying ace
3:51 am
silver paris. ♪ ♪ >> i am so excited about this one. i love "peanuts." >> this is a sure-fire hit. cross-generational movie. we'll all want to see this. >> yes. >> it hits theaters november 6th. 303 days. >> look forward to that. time to check out who is blowing out birthday candles. >> singer kenny loggins, 67. >> katie couric turns 58. >> celebrity designer christian louboutin turning 52. >> actor nicolas cage turns 51. big happy birthday to every one of you. they finally cracked this thing open. a piece of history. >> the nation's oldest time capsule buried nearly 220 years ago is just now seeing the light of we're seeing inside straight ahead. you're watching "world news now."
3:52 am
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the nation's oldest known time capsule has been cracked open, where else, but in boston. >> the historic treasures are seeing the light of day for the first time in centuries. this morning, we are getting our first look. mary saladna of our boston station with more. >> there's something written on here. >> reporter: you have to hand it to the forefathers. they delivered. nearly 220 years after paul revere and then-governor sam adams tucked a time capsule into the massachusetts statehouse, a thrill of a lifetime as the contents were revealed. everything from newspapers of the day to coins dating back to 1795. and this. a silver engraved plate believed to have been crafted by paul revere himself. even the midnight rider's own descendants were wowed with this brush with history. >> this is an object he touched and was involved in putting in years ago. >> i call him america's
3:56 am
quintessential folk hero. he was a guy. he did his job. he did it well. when longfellow wrote a poem, that's when everything just took off. >> reporter: it was just last month work crews discovered the time capsule in the statehouse cornerstone as they fixed a broken water pipe. a conservator spent seven hours in the cold carefully extracting that box. she had the job of delicately unveiling its contents. >> i was very nervous this morning and did a lot of running around the building today because i was nervous. i was quite calm when we finally got down to it. there was also a seal of the commonwealth and a shilling from 1662. but the biggest surprise -- the silver plaque by the silversmith. >> what's it like to grow up with that name? >> lots of jokes. hard to get a dinner reservation because everyone thinks it's a prank call. >> reporter: this day got you a front row seat to history.
3:57 am
the contents will go on temporary display and will eventually be embedded back in there with a few more modern day treasures for future generations to discover. i'm mary saladna in boston. >> what would you put in a time capsule today? >> i was just thinking about that. probably a little bottle of scotch or something. >> an iphone. >> an iphone? >> given the battery life of those things. by the time they got it. >> i'd put an extra two batteries. >> you think that would get it done? >> one of those usb chargers. works for me. >> of course, catch our updates on facebook at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. for two
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a
4:00 am
major find in the search for the airasia plane. wreckage at the bottom of the sea. new pictures just in. extreme weather. arctic air dropping temperatures to as low as 50 below this morning after record snowfall plus a swollen river swallows a home following heavy rains. close call. a woman sitting at her desk makes a miraculous move seconds before disaster. a glimpse into our country's infancy. what did sam adams and paul revere leave for us over 200 years ago? good wednesday morning to you. we have to begin with that breaking news. searchers have discovered the tail


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